Midición diámetro del árbol

We intend that these pages are a tool of communication and dialogue to meet the expectations of our public information and at the same time, put in value the work we are developing in the area of ​​social responsibility to guide the continuous advancement in to check the level of compliance with our objectives, and that reflects our progress and our weaknesses in the economic, environmental and social realm.

With these pages, we will contribute to the implementation of sustainable development of rural society, and make known the achievements of transparency in our work, professionalism and dedication of the team who are part of the Gallanova project.

We intend to continue to commit ourselves in order to approach the Galician rural enterprises, being a bridge of knowledge, science and technology, to enable them to successfully meet the economic, social and sustainability that are raised towards the immediate future in an increasingly global environment, dynamic, demanding and competitive.

We hope to contribute not just a transparent approach to our environment but also to serve as a permanent incentive to move forward in our commitment to rural development, fundamental commitment of our corporate mission and is manifested through open collaboration with actors involved in the sector and through our programs of science and technology transfer to rural areas.