Midición diámetro del árbol

Gallanova was founded with the purpose of providing services and global solutions through full dedication, experience and profesionalism, making technical projects part of the company objectives, keeping them in permanent review and study to make them evolve and get the goals to be achieved.

  • Projects related to conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, environmental management, planning, coordination of PLADIGA (fire protection plans) with PXOM (general plans for urban management), processing industries of endogenous rural products (agri-food, forestry, energy resources ..)
  • Projects related to the harvesting of forest biomass and its recovery, constantly offering ideas and initiatives that allow players of rural resources to take advantage of the rural products from Galicia.
  • Retailer Marketing of galician rural products with a B2C approach to make intensive use of information technologies and communication
  • Internet as a factor in promotion, communication and launch of initiatives related to this sector. There is a large niche of work in the Galician countryside, and all have to do with the enhancement of endogenous resources, industrial processing and even marketing.